Saturday, April 19, 2008

And the Goblins Will Get You if You Don't Watch Out!

When I was young my great grandma Harris would recite poetry to me. I loved it and as soon as she was done with one I'd ask for another, and another ..... The last time I saw her I asked her to recite "Two Christmases and Little Orphan Annie", my favorites. So, when I had kids I decided to carry on the telling and memorized those two poems plus one "Katsenstein" (a dr. Seuss book) And a short one, A mouse chased my cat, now what do you think of that? Just look at her there sitting under the chair. That old scarredy cat that lives in my house, just ran away from a teeny tiny mouse! My mom believes it's true. She ran from the mouse too! Anyway, while I was in Utah I decided it was time to share with my darlings the Little Orphan Annie poem. I was a little worried cause of the part that says "And the Goblins will get you if you don't watch out!" But, when I finished, Baylee piped up "I'll watch out!" That was the greatest!!!

Proverbs 3:5&6

I'm Running Out of Time!!
We are up to Proverbs in Seminary and I want to do right by it. I only have about 1 month left to teach the rest of the Old Testament!
I love this scripture in Proverbs because I KNOW my life goes better when I depend on the Lord and not on myself!! It especially helps while I've been teaching seminary. I totally need his help and feel so dependant on him to help me help these young people understand his ways!!!
The other chapter I love in Proverbs is 31. Although it can have a tendency to make us women feel a little overwhelmed!!! It doesn't have to. vs 26, 27, 28, are especially helpful. Then in vs 30: .....a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised ~ 31:......let her works praise her.
I inserted this quote on this page of the scriptures. It's from a book I read a long time ago. "She accepted herself as she was and therefore accepted others. The secret of her calm seemed to be that she was not trying to prove anything. She was ~ that was all."
So much to learn!
I love the words of the Lord ~ I feel his love for us and am thankful for the chance to know and study more.

Sis is Running Today!

Last March (07) Arlin & I got to go see Sis run her first 1/2 Marathon in Moab, Utah. It was such a great thing to see her coming in to the finish line. We felt an overwhelming feeling of PRIDE! (yes pride, she's amazing) Today She's running her third in SLC. How exciting for her. We are so amazed by her fortitude and endurance!!!! Wish we were there.............

(Her first Birthday)

Monday, April 14, 2008


Most people don't know I have 2 sisters, just a million brothers! Well, I do, Sherry and Denise. Today's Sherry's birthday and tomarrow's Denise's. They're one year and one day apart! They are both amazing! Have a great day sisters. I love you!!!! That's Denise on the left, Sherry on the right and me out front!

Here's what the All Girls Dance costume looks like

Last Tuesday I whipped this one up so I could show you what the costume will look like. I think I've made about 10 of these so far and helped with 20 or more others!!!! I could do them in my sleep. All over our stake people have been ambitiously working on these!!! We have helpers who are so anxious and excited for this dance program. Even though, at times the words "Dance Festival" seem to strike terror in our eyes, when it's over we'll all be so glad we were involved.

Dance Festival

Once again I find myself involved in a dance festival! When I was young my sisters got to be in one, but I wasn't old enough. Just before I had Jesse I got to help put one on in the Tacoma Dome, September of 1989, celebrating the 100 year anniversary of Washington State. Now, Our Stake has been invited to be involved in another one ~taking place in the Tacoma Dome July 24th~ and I'm helping. Getting the costumes done has been a huge thing. In a minute I'm off to another sewing session in Aberdeen. Allot of people have been wonderful, helping in allot of different ways. The youth are exceptional! Kay Lynn Larsen is in charge ~she's amazing~ It's all allot of work, we'll be glad when it's over, we'll also be glad we were involved!!!!!

We're Lost!

We don't have T.V. (by choice) so we don't know about these ongoing dramas. Well, our daughter Nicole, introduced us to Lost and lent us the first season ~needless to say~ We're HOOKED!!! The nice thing about having it on DVD is that you don't have to wait a week, you can just stay up all night and watch the whole season.............

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