Friday, October 31, 2008

Look What we Got in the Mail!

We got a cute little package of Halloween treats from Baylee & Boston (made by their mother) I thought these spiders on (my most favorite) York peppermint patties were especially cute! Thank you for thinking of us!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We had a long visit!!

Nicole, Brydon & kids came to WA. for Brydon's younger bros. wedding. They stayed up in Seattle for the wknd of Oct 17, 18 & 19. Then Brydon had to fly home but Sis & kids got to come here. They were gonna stay till Thurs. the 23, but somehow we got to keep them until Tues. the 28th!!!!

What a glorious visit it was. When I got home from taking them to the airport it was so quiet it was deafening (does that make sense?) We miss the noise & the toys spread all over, the drawings everywhere, all the dirty clothes, & the muddy boots, especially the muddy boots!!! We went on allot of walks, played with the dogs (Logan adopted them as his, but I told him he'd have to share Koti with you Baylee Ellen!!) We went to the punkin patch, carved the punkins, rode motorcycles, played in grammies hot tub, checked out Jesse Wayne's many forts, read stories, ate, swang on Uncle Neil's swings, and had lots of visits from Whitney and Tyler. I think we are a couple of boobs!!! Yesterday I found a pair of little underwear left in the dryer that we now have as a centerpiece on the kitchen table.........there's a dried up bouquet of dandelions at the back door that I don't dare touch ~another monument~

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lynsie turned 23 today!

23 years ago our Lynsie joined this family. She has brought peace to our home. She is the type of person who wants to do whats right no matter what. She has always been uncomfortable around things that weren't good or right. She is our family angel. (bunny)

She is now married, has a baby boy and teaches pre-school. She graduated from the professional preschool teaching program at BYU-I. She is very gifted with music and writes, plays the guitar and sings. She is also an artist. We feel very fortunate to have been blessed to have her in our family. We love her very much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIN!