Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Raegan followed us home from Utah!

After the wedding Raegan decided to take a needed little break! She drove Jodi home to Lacey and then came to stay the night w/ us Sunday night and slept in our sleeping shed (I'm pretty proud of her!!!). I had to work Monday so she said she layed around all day ~um.....I'd have to see that one to believe it~ RAEGAN????? When I got home from work we ate and then played tons!! We rode the big wheels all around the property (garth's kids were here too and we did our best to dodge them so we wouldn't run them over or jump them)
Then we played a fun game Jennie gave Arlo for F's day, called Bananagrams

~we really like it~ then we watched a movie called forever strong. I would highly recommend that show. Raeg's on her way to her sister's now. It was fun having her here!!!

(I had to prove that I was there too, didn't I?)

Sunday, June 21, 2009