Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Harris Reunion July 18th 2009

Arlin and I slipped away with Bay & Bos (while they were here) to Spanaway Park and the Harris reunion.
The kids played on some big toys.
We said Hi to as many people as we recognized.
Then we hurried back home to our visitors there!!!!

My 2nd Cousin (an up and coming "famous" country singer) came and sang to us. He sang a song he wrote for those serving in the military. It was very good!

We Had a Visit from Anthon, Jennie, Baylee & Bos!!

Anthon called us one day and said "We're coming for a visit!!" Hooray! I love visits. They got here early Friday a.m. the 17th and stayed till Tues the 21st of July. We had a great time and what made it even more fun was Eldon and Candy came and parked their trailor and camped out for a few days. We loved it all and didn't want it to end!