Friday, October 3, 2008

Here's What the bike will look like!!!

The Best 29 Years of My Life

Yesterday Arlin and I celebrated our Anniversary. He even took the day off! We spent the day in a different way then most probably would but we're different and glad of it!!! First of all we took his motorcycle into the shop. Mind you, it's the same bike that's been sitting in the garage for a few years waiting (and wanting) to get fixed!! We drove it to a little town about 25 miles south of us all the while discussing where all we could spend our day and where we could go out to eat and what we could do.......... We decided on our most favorite spot on earth, a little piece of heaven, our home! We put on our work clothes and started cleaning up our back-back yard (something that's needed to be done forever) ~you'll be proud of us Tone~ We built a big fire and started throwing stuff on! Then we built a cool fire pit. It turned out great and eventually it will have a grassy spot behind it where Grampa Arlo and Grammie Mimi will put the tent so we can have campouts w/ our sweet grandbabies when they come!!! At about 5:30 we went to Whitney's and she gave us haircuts ~thanx Whit~ Afterwards we got back to work. We wrapped chicken in foil, chopped potatoes in foil, and corn on the cob in their husks in another foil pack and threw them all in the fire. That dinner al fresco was better than any I've tasted in a long time and we ate it out by the fire, better ambiance than any Restaurant I can think of ***the stars were even out to add to the romantic atmosphere*** I sure lucked out when I said yes to Arlin. (Way more appropriate to say I was blessed beyond what I ever could have expected!!!) He is the true love of my life:)

Monday, September 29, 2008

My Friend

Look at my friend Mary's blog. Last Monday
I got to spend the afternoon with her and her mother. It was a great moment for me. We started talking about 2 and all of a sudden it was 7 in the evening!! It was so fun to be with Mary and her beautiful mom. I will always love them.