Thursday, June 12, 2008


This goes a little fast cause I put allot of pictures on here. Just put your mouse on a picture if you want to look at it for a while!!!!

Well, it's happened, the baby has graduated! It's kinda like you have to cry to recover properly but you just can't! You know the steps of grief......... I'm retarded.... I just haven't had a good cry yet. I can feel it coming though. Please don't call me that day..... I'll be in the closet!!!!!

Graduation was Great!

First of all Anthon, Jennie, Baylee, Boston, Nin, Luke & Sis all felt it was important to be there and made the effort to do it! I'm so thankful for them being supportive and the expense they went to.

Friday afternoon we went to the beach.

That was so fun ~windy, cold, sandy~ but fun to be there with my kids and grandkids. It was Baylee, Boston & Luke's first time. I think they liked it. On the way home Anthon bought us some crab legs & shrimp, brought it home, & cooked it up for us all to try. It was amazing good.

Next, Jesse was awesome! He was the class speaker and had the BEST solo when the swing choir sang.

Then, We had two wonderful nights of celebrating! Saturday after the event Arlo grilled salmon for us ~yum~ (chicken for our Jen!!) Then Gordon & Sarah came and we ate chocolate pie!!!! and played a fun game of Jen's, Quiddler ...... I've got to find that cause we were havin withdrawals the next day.

Sunday evening we had allot of friends from the community and our ward come over for hot dogs and hamburgers, to celebrate Aly & Jess. It was great to see how many people care and wanted to wish them well.

2 of Jesse's favorite teachers ~ Swing Choir & English

Thanks to all!!!!!!!