Monday, July 28, 2008

I Can't Believe it's Over!

Here's a few pictures. A water bottle spilled all over my camera in my bag and filled it up with water, so I didn't get too many pictures. But here are a few. These were taken on Thursday. Sister Dalton, Kenneth Cope, and Brad Wilcox came to speak to the kids. It was so awesome to hear what they had to say. We practiced allot outside of the Tacoma Dome. I'll bet it was quite a site for the comuters passing by!! (to see 2500 kids dancing in the parking lots)

I think Arlo had the most challenging job of all. He chaperoned boys (8) for 3 days straight. Need I say more? ~let's just say he had to deal with a wide range of things from goofiness to fits to boys wanting to quit to a full blown fight~