Sunday, April 18, 2010

But for the Grace of God there go I

Today was Stake Conferance and we sure had a great meeting. I love to hear people speak about their life experiences and how they've come to know their Savior. We heard from different people with different experiences and felt edified! Arlin gave a great talk w/ the theme being the title of this post! He encouraged us to reach out to others, to love and forgive and not judge. He said when he sees others who seem to have made bad choices or are down on their luck he thinks "in 2 or 3 choices I could be in the same situation" Which is true for all of us!!

After church today Arlin & I got on the motorcycle and delivered some eggs to one of our favorite people........ then we hauled ourselves up the hill (it had been a while) It's been a very beautiful day, nice and warm. We loved being outside!