Monday, April 14, 2008

Dance Festival

Once again I find myself involved in a dance festival! When I was young my sisters got to be in one, but I wasn't old enough. Just before I had Jesse I got to help put one on in the Tacoma Dome, September of 1989, celebrating the 100 year anniversary of Washington State. Now, Our Stake has been invited to be involved in another one ~taking place in the Tacoma Dome July 24th~ and I'm helping. Getting the costumes done has been a huge thing. In a minute I'm off to another sewing session in Aberdeen. Allot of people have been wonderful, helping in allot of different ways. The youth are exceptional! Kay Lynn Larsen is in charge ~she's amazing~ It's all allot of work, we'll be glad when it's over, we'll also be glad we were involved!!!!!


ManorBooks said...

You keep sooo busy! This project sounds very fun for you all. If you need another sewing machine for the project, you are welcome to borrow mine. Just ask.

annie valentine said...

Jenny is pulling her hair out trying to teach the Napoleon Dynamite dance to all those boys. I would kill to be part of all that fun.

Jennie said...

wow! How fun! You're still looking great ;) I hope to see videos of all this ... Especially if Jesse gets in on the napoleon dance! Love u!