Thursday, January 1, 2009

I Made a Pie!

I am not a pie maker! And, pie is my poor husband's favorite....
My boss told me about this wonderful product
So today, Arlin peeled and cut up apples (from off our very own tree) and I did some majic with this piecrust!!
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And now we have pie. Of course not as good as Norma's ~but hey~ he likes it and is very glad I keep trying!!

I dug up some cards the kids made me at different times in their lives. I treasure these!!
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The Visit

Luke with his new airplane
Baylee in her candy cane pajammies!
Kamdin and Barbies!
Logan with his Power Ranger motorbike!
Boston in the hat Auntie Nin made him!

We had a great time visiting with our kids and grandkids. Anthon made it possible with his rigs that we could drive out to Sis and Brydon's on Saturday. We are so grateful we were blessed to drive safely to and from Utah and hope for many more visits!!
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We opened all our presents on Christmas Eve. Then we went over to mom's (w/ Neil and Maddie) for dinner. After that we hit the road for Utah. We traveled over the river and through the snow to The Dalles, stayed the night then continued through the snow to Clearfield. We got there Christmas night at about midnight. (maybe a little after)
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