Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We got some suprise guests!!!

Jennie, well actually Anthon called me and asked, Have you talked to Jennie yet? I said no, what's up (wracking my brain on what could it be about????) He then told me she wanted to come up and had found some very good priced tickets. HOORAY!!!! So Saturday morning Nov. the 14th Arlin & I went up to SeaTac and picked up Jennie & Grandkiddies Baylee & Boston. We had such a fun visit. They got to stay till Tues. Which worked out so well cause I didn't have to work till Wednesday! Here's a few pictures:

At family night we wrote (or drew) all the things we were thankful for. Everytime Grampa said 'thankful' in the lesson we all got to take an m&m :)

Grampa bought this cool train set at a garage sale (Kristin's!!) last summer and was excited for a grandchild or two to come and play!

Bossy where he's meant to be ~OUTSIDE!!!

Jennie and Bay checking out the progress of the Kyak!