Sunday, May 29, 2011

We went to Oklahoma BEFORE the tornados!

We had to eat @ Freddie's mmmmm so good!

We went to the Cowboy Museum. We could of stayed there for days, read plaques and looked at memoralbilia ~ if only the kids wanted to!!!!!!

This is a very CUTE 2 year old! Grampa and Grammie have been quoting her quite a bit since we've been home ~our favorite~ "Don't like it"

Look at this grown up girl! Isn't she beautiful? She is so helpful and sweet and likes to have lots of fun. She also likes to be creative and that's what she's doing here!

Grampa and his Logan pal! They played allot of stuff together. And Logan was a fun game player. We got to see him hit some balls @ the park too!

We visited the memorial site for the OK city bombing. They sure did a beutiful job at making something so peaceful out of something violent.

You can read in the picture above about these chairs. Some of them represented two people, a mother and her unborn child.

This statue was place across the street from the site by the Catholic Church. The Savior was turned away from it and the caption read "And Jesus Wept"

There is an archway like this at the front of the site and one at the back with a reflecting pool in the middle. They represent (front)the time before the blast (back) the time after (the pool) when it happened

This Elm tree survived the blast ~ amazing!

On Saturday we went to the Science center. It was almost as huge as the Museum w/ lots to do and see and read and play with. We all had fun here. I did try one of these Segways and yes I do want one!!!

Sunday, our last day, just happened to be mother's day! Sis and I got spoiled by Brydon and Arlo. We loved it!
Thanks for letting us come guys!