Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's scarrey when these two get together!!!

I've been wanting these trees gone for a few years now. They hang over the carport, lean, and are dangerously brittle if there's a windstorm. So Neil shows up with a boom truck and he & Arlo just start sawing away!

Me and Maddie set up camp at a safe distance, to watch the show. (& roast a few marshmellows) The dogs wanted to join in the fun as well.

It started getting dark, but they got allot cut. I think the carport came out okay, my little picket fence took a hit in a few places though...............

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I got a real job!

It's just part-time, but I got a job!!!! I'm so excited cause I saw it in the paper and thought to myself ~that job's for me~ so I put in my application, got an interview yesterday morning, then yesterday afternoon they called and asked if I wanted it and I said YES! That's gonna hamper my freedom a little but oh well! It's time to grow up and get to work! Oh yeah, my official title will be Deputy Court Clerk for the city of Elma and I officially start July 11th.