Saturday, September 13, 2008

It Came, Went, and I'm Doing Okay!

Oh Yeah, I went and did it ~ I turned 50! It didn't hurt so bad. Actually, I kinda like where I'm at. (Except when my nephew thought being 28 was OLD!!)

There's too many good things in my life that I just wouldn't have if I weren't 50! Like being married to this beautiful man for almost 29 years! (Oct. 2nd) My amazing, action packed, fun children and their spouses, with So many awesome memories I would never trade..........
Or having 5 (almost 6) wonderful grandchildren!!!!

Our cool neighbor showed up at a party Arlo had for me. (He's got the gold chain the chest hair, the GQ shades ~perms next~ ???)

All the party animals in my backyard!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Crazy Week!

This is my first week of teaching Seminary. I have an awesome group of kids and we are studying the New Testament. I thought the Book of Mormon would be my favorite but I have a feeling I'm going to like teaching this way better. The Savior is & was amazing. The most amazing thing I've learned so far (or realized) is that the Atonement is done! It was done before you or I even set a toenail on this earth! Before we were even born the Savior decided he wanted us in his kingdom with him forever!!!
Also, this week I have been working all by myself at the court office. The girl I work with is gone on vacation. I pray I'm doing okay!!!!
One more thing, April has posted some of our pictures on her blog.......hope she doesn't mind me doing this ~ here's her URL ~ Go look at our pictures :)