Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Bet You're Thinking...........

...............We lost interest in our Hiking Club!!! Not true!!! We've only lost participants and SPARE TIME!

So, this morning Arlo & I got up early and went off (with our two faithful dogs of course) and hiked up to our favorite spot (the logging roads/beaver pond area above our house)
Then, when we got home we were met by a delicious surprise..
Fresh Strawberries.

We made ourselves a delicious treat of strawberries & cream, but instead of cream we used our new favorite indulgence GREEK YOGURT yUmmY. It was so good. I sweetened the berries w/ just a bit of honey so I wouldn't ruin them w/ sugar. Oh MAN that was a tastey treat!!!!

Here's Arlin sittin at our exclusive table at our favorite restaurant!

I can't Believe it's already been a Week!

Last Saturday (wow that went by tooo fast!!) we flew to Utah for more than one reason. The main one being Bella got blessed by her daddy on Father's Day. What an awesome thing for her daddy to be able to give her a special blessing just for her, to encourage her, inspire her, and inform her of her importance!
Also, Anthon & Nicole participated in a 188 mile race (along w/ their team of 12 all together)from Logan to Park City, Utah. After we flew in Saturday we drove straight to Heber to find Tone & Sis. It was a relay and everyone on the team ran 3 different times. It just so happened that Anthon ran right before Nicole so got to pass off to her each time. We got to witness the pass off (there's a video of it on my facebook) on their last leg. We even ended up following along trying to encourage them and just wanting to be a part of the whole deal! Ken, Lynsie & Luke came down for the blessing, so we ALL (-Jesse Wayne) got to be together on Sunday. WE loved it and Monday evening, on the plane, on the way home, we once again left our hearts behind!!!!