Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jesse is in Brazil!

Here we are at the airport saying Goodbye to Jesse Wayne. We had quite a time building up to this day! Wednesday the 15th in the wee hours of the morning Anthon, Jennie, Bay & Bos showed up here. It was so fun to see them. Then Thursday evening Nicole and Presley flew in. Friday morning @ 6 a.m. Lynsie, Ken & Luke got here and late, late Friday night Sarah, Aly, Payton & Meg came! All day Friday the girls baked goodies (I had to work) All day Saturday we girls did what we wanted. The guys went to Super Cross in Seattle.
Sunday we all made it to church on time! Jesse sang "Take My Life" and did a fantastic job and then he gave a great talk. He's amazing!!
After church allot of people came over to wish him well.
Monday We went out to Schaffer State Park. (an old favorite of our families when we were younger!!)
Tuesday a.m. Anthon & Jennie left and the rest of us went to the airport. Sis left at the same time Jesse did.
Wednesday a.m. Lynsie and Ken left. (My sweet friend Kristen came over and brought me a raspberry hot chocolate to cheer me {it worked} Thank you)
Wednesday afternoon I got a phone call from the MTC in Brazil telling me Jess had got there safely. She said he was a handsome boy who looked like he was ready to get to work!! What a relief that phone call was!