Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh what we do for our beautiful babies!!Last night the three of us went out in the rain and worked on Jesse's science project. And of course, with Jesse, there's got to be a motorcycle involved!! We measured stopping distances on 3 different surfaces, grass, gravel & pavement. And then calculated the differance in who's riding and the weight of the rider. (so Arlo got to be involved and ride too! He loved that part)
I was nominated to be the official stat keeper. (I didn't get to ride)
Testing the braking power on a grassy surface.
Faithfully measuring.
The real work happened and continued on into the night (11:00 pm) when we started making the poster and computing all the gathered information. What a fun family time we had!!!!
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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This is my third year teaching Seminary (I guess I could say and 1/2). Also, it's the third year I've had a great class. All the kids who come, come cause they want to. We are studying the Old Testament (something I've never read before!!!!) But, I'm learning to love it. I know, as in everything you're asked to do in the church, I benefit from it far more than my students do. Hopefully they'll get something out of it 2!
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