Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We got Home safely!!

Wow! That went a little too fast! We had an amazing time. Anthon & Jennie graciously allowed us to stay in their home. We also had lots of company ~ Sis & family ~ Nin & family. We went swimming, saw "Horton hears a Who", visited a few parks, and took many walks with the grandkiddies!!! Arlin & Anthon built a beautiful craft table for Jen. Arlin,Lynsie,Meg & I got to go to the Sat. a.m. session of conferance @ the conferance center and then we went to the Joseph Smith movie. I'm working on getting pictures on here!!!! It was hard to leave!!!!!!

More pictures from our trip to Utah

Baylee girl on the slide!

Handsome Anthon

.....and more......

Kam-a-lama-ding-dong Snow White!