Friday, April 25, 2008


Every year swing choir gets to go on tour to perform somewhere fun! Every other year they get to go somewhere BIG! Jesse's 1st year they went to San Fransisco, 2nd, Canada, now this year MEXICO! In fact they're going on a cruise. The same one Lynsie got to go on her senior year.
Last night the choir put on a farewell performance and then left at 2 this morning. They flew out of Portland to LA where they'll catch the boat and then Cruise down into Mexico.
While there, they will be doing some competition and performing. We're excited for this great group of kids.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

We've Been Doing This every Sunday Night

Arlin, Jesse & I try to sit down together every Sunday evening and schedule out our week. It's been so helpful to write it all down on a white board and hang it up (by the phone) for the world to see (and those living in the home) so we don't get over-scheduled! (notice I've got mail your CD Nin) The long arrows on the side are the things that are scheduled every day ~seminary & soccer practice~ It's also good for us to talk about what we're doing and why. Plus it helps in scheduling vehicles ie: who gets to use what when and who gets to ride their bike!!!! Green is Jesse, Orange is me, Blue is Arlin.

We had to make another sign!

We've made 12 of these so far and pounded them into the Senior Soccer players yards before they got home from Unity camp at the beginning of the season. Another kid decided to join so Arlo and I whipped up another sign and are heading out to pound it into his yard. It's been fun getting to know the kids and their parents. Monday we do another session of Consession stand duty. May 1st is Senior Night. Then it will all be over! It goes by so fast.