Thursday, August 21, 2008

There's Nothing Better than Family

I still don't have a camera, so our Jennie darling took tons of pictures! I don't think she minded too much (she had a fun new toy)

This mini reunion kinda evolved. First we knew Sis was coming cause Brydon was going with his brothers on their traditional hike. So Sis and kids spent a week with the Skeem's while he was gone and then came up here to spend a week. Then my sweet Crystal calls and says she's coming to stay while Nicole is here, could she stay with us and by the way my Mom's coming too!


Then, I told Jennie that Crystal and Denise were going to be here (Jen's never met them) If she wanted to come she would be welcome too!

So, Nicole, Kamdin, Logan get here Sunday night.

Crystal and Noah get here Thursday. Anthon, Jennie, Baylee, & Boston get here in the wee hours Friday morning and Denise gets here Friday afternoon! (plus toss Whitney and baby in a few of those days) and It got a little squeezed in here but not too bad. I wouldn't have traded it for anything!!

(We did terribly miss Nin & fam though)

Friday night we went to Grandma D's. Got lots of pics and looked at her poetry and Geaneology.

Saturday morning Arlin and Tone went on a motorcycle ride.

Then some family members came and we had a potluck down at Mom's campground.

Sunday Denise and Crystal got up early and fixed us a delicious breakfast. (put that on the kitchen blog Crystal) We went to church and then Neil took Denise and Crystal and Noah to the airport.

Thank you for coming!! I love you and I really needed that visit!

Monday I had to work ~it rained~ the kids kinda lounged around here. Tone and Jess went on a ride together. Then we all went out to eat.

Tues. everyone left..........
But Jesse stayed here!!!!

Sad thing is, with Jen behind the camera, we didn't get any pictures of her beautifulness!!! We love you tons darling!