Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday, October 17th 2010

Well, we can now announce that Arlin will be released as Stake President. He has served for 9 years, but it doesn't seem that long. We both feel so blessed to have had this opportunity. We have been blessed far more than we deserve and we have worked along side so many faithful, caring, and hard working people. We'll never forget the many prayers and love offered on our behalf.
Thank you Elma Stake for the support you've given to us!

I drove to Oklahoma!!!!

Well, I didn't ever drive. I got to sit in the passenger seat while Nicole drove. I had the more important job of tending to the kids every needs!!!! What fun we had.

I flew into the SLC airport Sat. afternoon where Anthon & Jennie picked me up, whisked me out to lunch and then on to Baylee's last soccer game.

Then they drove me out to Roosevelt on Sunday the 10th. Kind Anthon brought a washer and dryer out to Sis that she had bought in Layton. Monday Brydon got the U-Haul and then people from their ward helped them fill it up. It was an amazing thing to see. Lots of very helpful people who love and care about Sis and her family, wanting to help any way they can. I loved seeing that!!

We left Roosevelt on Tues @ about 11 a.m. and started driving. We got to see parts of America I'd never seen before. I've never been to Colorado. At one point, as we were driving through that state, we were 11,000 feet in the sky!! So beautiful there. We also drove through Kansas. There's even a Wizard of Oz museum there but too far out of our way to go see. Not sure what to say about Oklahoma, ummm no mountains (or hills for that matter.......lots of farm land...not many trees. TONS of museums!!

And now our kids are there. Can't wait to go back w/ my Arlo in tow so we can check out the place.....and of course see more of the kids.