Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 4-9

I got to play single mommy for a few days in March. Anthon and Jennie went on a cruise and let me be in charge of the kids :)
Wow, we had a great time!!
(can anyone tell me why my pictures are doing this??? It happens often when I download them onto my computer!!)
Boss was a dancin machine!!
Baylee planned a trip to Wendy's and an inside picnic for FHE

Here's the letter I sent Jennie after I finished:
I just wanted to write to you about my stay with the kids:

We had a great time together :)
I was a little too cocky going into this and thought I could handle it all NO PROBLEM - piece of cake!!
Well, too soon, like right after you left, I was reminded of what a demanding job being a Parent of small children really is ~a piece of cake is definitely NOT a correct description~
This was so good for me to come back to reality. I have forgotten what it's like. 3 very different people w/ 3 very different needs. (And not to forget, there's me mixed into the middle of it all!!! thinking I had needs, realizing those needs had to go on the back burner for a while)
What sweet little souls. By about 3 p.m. Tues night (after 4 days of being together) those little souls and this big one all melted down into a crying puddle.........we'd had it w/ being patient and we ALL wanted you two back!!!! But, we finally crawled into your bed (all of us) stuck a bottle in Bella's mouth, put on Cinderella for the umpteenth time and got to feeling better!!!
Here are some highlights from the 5 days I got to share their life:

*Walks* we took one every day except Wednesday. I loved all the questions and wonder the darlings had for this beautiful world. Bella enjoyed her time most being pushed in the stroller outside ~yep, she's a Burbidge~ LOVES the outdoors!!! Boston couldn't understand why all the dead worms and why they didn't get off the sidewalk before it dried up!! Baylee and her infectious laugh just wanted to run and run and run! (wish I didn't have to keep reigning her in)

*Dancing* at night we'd put the music on loud and JUST DANCE! I did take a little video of them getting their groove on. They didn't ever want to stop.

*Michael Michael Motorcycle* sorry Tone, but Bos will want you to watch this w/ him!!! We watched it about 5 times!!! (not kidding)

*Late night talk w/ Bay* we tried to be in bed by 8:30-9 every night, but it was hard to get to sleep. One night after everyone else was out, Bay took my hand and wanted to know everything I could think of about her daddy ( I Promised you'd tell her the goat story Tone). What fun it was to reminisce about ALL her daddy did, built, made while he was growing up. Remember the slide? the pool you built out of pallets? the cedar camp ground? the trail? the dump trailer? the zip line? the speaker boxes and ALL the numerous forts????

*the chore jar* Bay will tell you she hated it but she was the best little worker ever and she DID too like cleaning the toilets. She drew that ball but all 3 of us wanted to work on that one. Me and Bos w/ Lysol wipes, Bay had the toilet brush. (Bella in bed) We also cleaned the fridge together and Bay once again got right in and scrubbed up a storm! One time Baylee drew make the beds, well, the only one that got slept in was yours, so she made it all by herself ~ cheerfully :)

*Bella* OK, to be truthful she was a challenging little treasure for me. As long as I held her she was an angel. But boy she grew on me I Love her smile, the way she trills her tongue, her chubby legs, her beautiful eyes, her sweet little spirit! I really do miss holding her. Kissing her head. Having her stick her little chubby finger in my mouth.
Thank you so much for entrusting me w/ these precious people.
I hope you had the most wonderful time.
We did!!
Love you tons
and for eternity
~Momma C~