Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Love Getting Stuff in the Mail!

Look what came today

Last Thursday me and my friend Mary got together again. It was so fun! SHE CAME HERE TO OUR LITTLE HILLBILLY TOWN!! We took Gramma D out to lunch and then came to my house and I showed her around. We sat and talked and tried to figure how we could get the most out of our visit. Arlo had a mtg that night in Tacoma so, we decided to go to the movies there, meet him afterwards and I'd ride home with him. Then we needed to have some dinner and I suggested swedish pancakes like her mom used to always make us when we were kids with insatiable appetites for comforting home cooked food! (I don't think we ever grew out of that!!!) But, she'd just keep making them, and making them ........... and that's what Mary did and Arlin and I kept eatin and eatin. So today, I get this official Swedish pancake pan in the mail with the nicest card ever attached. I am so thankful she hasn't forgotten about me. I moved away from her in 1974 and we still think of each other as the dearest of friends!!!! Love you Mary :}