Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The last car of kids pulled out at 7 a.m. and now we're back to just Arlin, Cindy & faithful Ducati! We can't complain though. We've had a month of visits from our fabulous kids and grandkids with a reunion thrown in there to boot.
More pictures to come!!!!
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Everyone's here! Now let the wild rumpus begin

Anthon's family was last to arrive and then our family was complete. Well......
Except for Jesse who is representing us all and serving a mission in southern CA. We all signed the back of his T-shirt.
Jennie had a great idea for waterbottles and brought us each one
Grampa set up hammocks in the backyard and the first two nights the kids slept out in them. Then it just got too rainy ~ we were proud of them for being adventurous to do it!!!
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The First Day......... The Birthday Party

Our first day of the Reunion was a birthday party all day. We had CAKE for breakfast!! We played games. We got our pictures taken. We got birthday crowns and we had birthday cake for dinner!!!

Camp Happy

On the 2nd day of our Reunion we had "Camp Happy" All the adults (and babies) left while Grampa Arlo (He-Pa) and Grammie Mimi took charge of the kids.
Camp Director
Assistant Camp Director
Making pine cone bird feeders
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making birdhouses in Grampa's shop
Making our Wild Things masks
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At the very end of the day the parents came home and we put on the play we'd been practicing "Where the Wild Things Are" (grammie's favorite picture book to read aloud) Kamdin was Max(ine) Baylee was the mother, Logan the head Wild Thing, Luke, Boss & Press slightly cooperative various and sundry additional wild things......... Grampa the very important stage hand and stand in wild thing.

a little side note..........I think I got peanut butter on the camera (from the bird feeders) That's why the last few pictures are a little smoky looking!!!!!

The scavanger Hunt

Before the Parents left We matched them all up w/ a kid to go on a scavanger hunt. It was great fun watching them all hunt for diff. kinds of tree branches, grass gone to seed, pine cones, rocks, fern, etc. etc. Some parents (...grampa...) were determined each item on the list was talked about and memorized, then there were the parents who were on a mad race to WIN!! (Sis & Nin) Jennie & Bella were hunting for the hunters so they could snap pictures of them :)
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Lynsie and Kam came in first.
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Kam showin us her prize bag
Sis and Pres came in a close second. Was the stroller okayed by the panel of judges??
Brydon and Logan worked hard for their 3rd place status
Jennie and Bella had a most important job
Ken and Luke did very well for not being from around here and unfamiliar w/ the great northwest plants
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Anthon and Baylee hiked all over the property
Grampa and Boss came in dead last, but Boss has allot of new information stored in his ever growing brain!!

The Beach Day

Saturday we all packed up and went off to the Beach. ~fun~ right? Well let's just say it was a different sort of beach day. All our lives our family has gone to the beach for fun! We love it there. As soon as we arrive everyone gets out and starts working away, fixing up a picnic site, digging holes, making a bonfire, etc. etc....... well, in that way it wasn't so diff. We all jumped out of the cars and got right to work, first we built a wind wall out of tarps, then we built a huge bon fire, then we put up a pop-up shelter (it was raining) smoke filled up our wind wall... we couldn't sit in our cool shelter, the kids started getting very wet, .....and sandy, ........and cold, Some of the men took off and swam in the surf..... (what the heck?) The rest of us decided enough was enough and we started workin on the kids and packing up the vehicles. The great fun of it was being together smellin that good ole salt air ........ Eld, Candy and Fam came with us :) and we were together. We went back home and cooked our foil dinners in the oven. Layed around and just enjoyed each others company. Will we try it again next time? We'll see......