Saturday, June 5, 2010

Things are changing!!

First of all, I LOVED this book!!!
Now that Seminary is over I get to indulge myself in some novels and this is my first one.
Well: here's the story..........
Last weekend we went to Payton's graduation in Bonner's Ferry.

Quite a few members of the Stinebaugh family live there, all of which are avid readers. I love when a reader finds another hungry reader and starts loading them up with their "favorite" books. Well, Dad Stinebaugh, Mom Stinebaugh, and two daughters Stinebaugh did just that for me. We came away with quite a carload, not to mention a list for more!
This book is one Sarah, Stinebaugh daughter #2 (and my sister-in-law/niece) just happen to throw in at the last minute. I'm so glad she did. I really enjoyed it. In fact I loved it so much I finished it this morning and then put my order in @ for the boxed series set of 5! It's just what it says it is. A detective book. But, a very delightful one. I think my sisters would enjoy it.

Some of the others are The Scapegoat Daphne Du Maurier (written in the 1950's, Arlin and I started reading it on the way home from Bonner's Ferry) The Kite Runner (seen the movie haven't read the book yet) Ordinary Heroes Scott Turow, Wish You Well David Baldacci (Father Stinebaugh likes this guy) 3 Cups of Tea, Born to Run, and The Help Sounds like my summer will be very intertaining Yes?

Anyway, on to things changing are you wondering what that has to do with books? (nothing really)
But, they are changing. All the time. Not only are my babies growing up but my brother's babies are too.
Payton of all people had to go and do it!!!

We are very proud of the Young Man he is, for his integrity and high standards. Congratulations Payt!!!