Friday, May 23, 2008

A Day of Champions

Wow, I got to be involved (somewhat) in a great event put on at Tumwater High School. It's called A Day of Champions and it's to celebrate all the kids in the area who are physically and/or developmentally disabled. Let me tell you, it was so awesome seeing these kids participating in races and other events. The smile on their faces when they completed an event said it all for them! But let me tell ya, there were other champions there. The teachers and leaders who show up to work every day because they want to and they love those kids, I applaud them as champions ...

and the parents, the people who nurture and love their children no matter what and face the challenges right alongside them, to me, they are the greatest of champions.

Dalton & Dayton supporting their brother Devlen.

Devlen the Champion

Having a great time!!

Me and Dayton on garbage duty. Our responsibilities included keeping the water stocked for thirsty athletes and volunteers, taking care of the garbage and cheering on the participants! We were awesome!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our Last Swing Choir Showcase

Last night we got to listen to the kids sing! I love Showcase. It's a time when all the Swingchoir kids get to share their talents with us, And all the parents get to bask in the wonderfulness of their kids. We had some great kids involved! Jesse got to be the president of Swingchoir this year, which was a challenge for him, but fun also. So, every year the Seniors give the teacher, Mrs. Holdsworth, a gift. Kinda like a going away thing. Jesse had the idea of making her something, so he got together with our friend Steve Beck and they came up with the idea of making a music stand.

Steve assisted Jess in cutting out all the pieces (out of madrona wood) and Jesse, with some assistance from his father, put the thing together. It turned out very beautiful and I think Laurie really liked it.

Thank you Laurie for being such a wonderful teacher and for keeping this program going!

"That Old Black Magic"

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Review In Shelton

Thanks to KayLynn for taking all these fabulous pictures!!!

That's Ayris Sobczak out in front

Jesse doing the Beach Dance

Arlin the Chaperone, and his group of boys he herded all day!!

I'm putting false eyelashes on Lexi Harris

Some of the Tango Men!

Monday, May 19, 2008

I've Been Tagged By Sis!

A) Pick-up the nearest book
B) Turn to page 123
C) Find the 5th sentence
D) Post the 5th sentence
E) Tag 5 more people

A) The Old Testament (still teaching seminary.....)
B) Ok
C) Did it
D) And thou shalt make upon
E) Crystal, Denise, Mom, Sherry, Mary Alice