Friday, May 16, 2008

It's Beautiful, Sunny & Warm outside!

It doesn't happen too often, hence people's frustration with the place, but, You have to admit, when it's sunny and warm, Western Washington is about as beautiful place as you can get!! I love when the grass is coming in thick and dark green. I love to mow my yard in diagonals and then come upstairs and look at it from the blue bedroom window.

To me, the scent of the lilac is the very best! How do you describe the smell? It's beauty, and warmth, and springtime. It's your grandmas back yard. It's fresh, crisp, clean sheets.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Last Days

Whenever you hear those words do they cause you to tremble with fear? They do for me!! But, the last few years I've been saying to myself "If you are prepared, you will not fear!" Our mom has always been a good example of putting up stores of food and planning ahead for "just in case". Last Saturday we went through the store room and kinda checked out what we have and what we need. (you don't need so much when you're down to one kid!!)
Last Tues. in Seminary we had a fire/earthquake drill and discussed the need for being prepared. Have water in your car, and blankets. Keep an extra pair of underwear in your backpack ... stuff like that. We had been studying Isaiah and he's really into warning us about the "Last Days".
Anyway, with the quakes and the storms happening one right after another you kinda wonder ~ where next?
Here's a little piece of info. I found at Emergency Essentials:

Six Ways to Plan Ahead
1. Check for Hazards in the Home
2. Identify Safe Places Indoors and Outdoors
3. Educate Yourself and Family Members
4. Have Disaster Supplies on Hand.
5. Develop an Emergency Communication Plan
6. Help Your Community Get Ready

If we at least do one thing a week, we're working towards being prepared and following the counsel of our Prophet(s)!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Here's Some New Pictures!

Jesse got his graduation robes & etc. on Fri.

Jesse & Maddie watching some movie

Mother's Day ~the 4 mothers~ (Neil plays both roles so gets to be celebrated)