Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dahlberg Family Reunion

July 2-3 and 4 was the Dahlberg family reunion. The greatest part about it was me and my sisters, Sherry and Denise, got to spend a whole day together. I picked them up from the airport Wed. morning. We went to all the old places we could think of in Tacoma, our houses (even the one on Violent Meadows). Saw our great-grandma's place, amazing it's still standing. Saw our grandparents home on A street in Parkland. Went inside Sher & Denises old H.S. Went out to lunch and drove around Pt. Defiance Park.
After that we went to Eldon & Candy's where Anthon, Jennie and kids (they drove all night Tues) were waiting and had a delicious bar*b*que. Another great thing was we got to meet Brinkley for the first time. My little island niece!

Thurs. Fri. and Sat. other family members started showing up and the house got fuller and fuller. There were people everywhere! We had fun though. Sat. a photographer came and captured lots of the "Newell children antics". After dinner there was a talent show & Sher, Denise & I even performed!! Saturday night Eldon put on an amazing fireworks show, right in our own yard. He included allot of "the boys" to help. They love the feeling of blowing things up! (why is that?)

Sun morning early Denise had to leave and then Sherry in the afternoon. I LOVED having them here!
The very nice thing was Anthon and Jennie stayed all the way till Wednesday morning. So we got to have a couple of days together after all the chaos!! Loved that too.