Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jesse Wayne made it into the Washington State Choir! This last weekend, Friday, he went to Yakima to learn the songs, meet the director and perform, along with 300 other kids from the State. (1200 kids tried out for the choir, 300 made it!) Sunday evening Arlin and I drove over and stayed the night. What an awesome program! It was held out at the Sundome. It was amazing how perfect and well practiced the kids were. I guess they had a pretty rigid schedule! We are very grateful to the Elma School District for providing this opportunity for Jess, and for the fact that they feel the importance of the performing arts. Jesse really enjoyed this event and was very impressed by the director, an Englishman. Corynn's family was there too because their daughter, Cassie, Corynn's younger sister also made it into the choir. What a great time we all had! Plus, it was fun to wander around Yakima once again. They've sure cleaned up. Downtown looks very attractive.

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