Sunday, November 29, 2009


We have so much to be Thankful for, and we had an amazing Thanksgiving!! Thanks to Eldon, Candy, the 3 D's and Neil & Maddie coming to celebrate, our Holiday was very fun and filled with lots of deliciousness!!!!

Yes, you're seeing it right, Jesse made the pies!! I am NOT a pie maker and Jess & Arlin both LOVE pies (I think thanks to Gramma Norma & her wonderful pies) so Jess decided to take on the job :) While he was staying with Gordon & Sarah she taught him some important hints on making a good pie crust.

Devlen shared his Wii and everyone, even Arlo took a turn having fun with it.

Cute daddy/daughter!!
Neil supplied us with drink! Egg Nog (he even brought sprite if you wanted it mixed) and Martinellis.

Very CUTE couple!!!
Candy brought some great food. The two things that REALLY stand out are the breakfst caserole she made ~yummy AND mostly the mounds balls!!! Oh man I couldn't get enough!


Oh, and one more thing. What made it really fun is E & C came down wednesday night and stayed the night with us!!! Thank you guys......we loved it!!!