Saturday, September 6, 2008

I thought I was immune to these but guess what, I got tagged by Jenny Baxter

Jen said...
Yes, your kids really are pretty amazing. I saw Nichole's post while you were down there - did you get my happy birthday message?

Oh, and by the way I just tagged you.
3 joys
3 fears
3 current obsessions
3 surprising facts

Then you tag at least three more people. Have a great day!

3 joys
Arlin for 29 years in October
My kids & kid-in-laws
My Grandbabies

3 fears
I'm all of a sudden afraid of cougars!!
Losing someone I love
Messing up @ my new job :\

3 current obsessions
(I have too many of these)
I HAVE to always rotate everything, like towels or dishrags or washcloths or underwear ~the clean always HAS to go to the bottom of the drawer.
I HAVE to organize silverware in the dishwasher
I HAVE to have hand sanitizer around and I use allot of it!!!!
(okay so I'm wierd)

3 surprising facts
My daughter Nicole is having a girl (surprise!!)
I am turning 50 this birthday!
I like spiders, snakes & bats

Now I will tag
Mary Alice

Friday, September 5, 2008

Life just gets Better and Better

Arlin & I went to the High School football game tonight. It felt very strange. But I have some kids I was anxious to see in various activities. Drill team, swing choir & on the football team. We stayed till after half time and then started to wander towards the car but got stopped by some friends we hadn't seen in a while and talked with them through the remaining half of the game!!! (I'm not sure who won, we left with 3 min. to go) It was fun being out in the cool air (no rain!!!) with the huge crowd.

Wednesday morning the 3rd we got up at about 4:30 and made the long trek home from Utah. We got a wild hair up our noses and left early Saturday a.m. to go visit the kids and Grandbabies. We packed as much as we possibly could into those few days we were there. We went to Lynsie & Ken's church mtg and heard them speak. We shopped, had a birthday party for Boston, got our family pictures taken, celebrated my birthday, visited the school and classroom where Lynsie will be teaching and rolled around the house with the grandbabies!!! We hated to leave...........

Now, looking forward ~ Seminary starts this Monday. We will be studying the New Testament. It's going to be a great year.

Check out my kids on their blogs, they're amazing!!