Monday, January 5, 2009

A Tough Decision

While we were gone to Utah on our last Trip, a great family, the Rowleys, tended Dukati for us and just fell in love with her. The Rowleys have 9 Children from Kamdin's age to Jesse's age and they all really enjoyed Kati. When I went to pick her up they said "If you ever consider giving Kati up we would love to have her, she is a great dog for the kids and they love her". I didn't think too much about it at first but after we talked about it, we began to realize what a great opportunity it would be for Kati to have all that love and attention 24/7. When we talked it over with Jesse and Tone, they weren't to happy about it and were a little dissapointed because they all (Baylee, Jennie and Boston too) love her so much. The deciding factor for us was that she spent so much time in her Kennel while we were at work.
When Rowleys came to pick her up, she was beyond excited. She passed out licks and kisses right and left and was literally jumping for joy. We miss her but requested visitation rights, especially when Baylee is here.