Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas from the Burbidges!!

We feel blessed in knowing we are loved by a Heavenly Father who knows us personally & cares about us individually. That fact has been made manifest over many times in our lives.
We are grateful to have health, strength & determination to carry on.
We feel gratitude for employment and the ability to be self-reliant.
We know so many good, wonderful, caring people who have shown us by their kind acts of love & service that they are our true friends!
We are blessed with beautiful children & grandchildren.
We value our extended family members and all they add to our lives.
We are all well and happy and feeling at Peace with experiences we’ve had this year!
We appreciate our Savior, Jesus Christ & the magnificent gift he has given to us; His Life. He was born as a humble child, He died so we can live, He lives forever and so will his gift.

Have a very beautiful Holiday centered on what Christmas is really all about.

We love you,
Arlin, Cindy & Jesse Burbidge


Annette & Ellsworth Curran said...

This is very nice Cindy and Arlin. Just perfect!

Lauralee said...

Great love is flowing your way from Olympia out to McCleary from your pal who loves you and all your family very much. I hope 2010 finds a way to bring me to see you all at least a few times. Best wishes for a Very Happy New Year! xo Lauralee